How to Choose a course

Ability - First take your ability

  •  How good are you at a subject?
  •  How easily do you understand it?

Your assessments and your classwork will help you to estimate your ability.
Discuss your ability with your teacher or the HOD as you might have a false idea of how well you can do something.
Be careful not to underrate your ability

  • Interest - Add your interest.
  • What do you enjoy doing?

Reasons for enjoyment might be the work, the teacher, or because you seem good at it.
You gain more satisfaction and probably reach a higher standard in your work if you are interested in it. Careers Advisor, you mentor (House Group teacher) and Deans can offer advice.

 Occupation - You may not know what work you would like to do. Most students don’t.
If you know, or if you have ideas about what you might do, find out what subjects might be needed.

The Careers Advisor and your Dean are most willing to help you.

Subject Choice

Go through the subjects, you can click each subject for more info, you can always select one as a course for you.

You can change you mind later