Central Hawke's Bay College

Getting Started with Online Course Selection

After the success of the school point website for online course selection in previous years, we continue as one of the few schools in NZ to combined online selection with online course information

You may have a few questions . . . . .How do I use this website? What will happen? What is the time line?

This website has been designed to allow course selection and subject information to work together. Students can access the site to make option choices by using their school email and school network password. Students can select/deselect/select again subjects as they see fit, some subjects will be pre selected for students (particularly for Y10 students)

Initial selections must be made by the end of Term 3. Students will be required to make a second selection in early term 4 after the subject 'lines' have been formed.

Because of this it is vital that students make an initial choice as it is this selection that will help determine the location and availability of subjects. At any time please contact your Dean or Mentor if you have any questions about your choice of subjects.

For technical questions contact Mr Breen [email protected]

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