Level 3 Courses on offer

NCEA Level 3 Course Requirements

o   60 credits at level 3 or above.

o   A further 20 credits at level 2 or higher.

o   No literacy or numeracy requirement.

o   No compulsory subjects.

o   Academic students choose 5 level 3 subjects

o   All other students choose 6 subjects.

o   Between 100 – 140 credits available dependent on courses of study

University Entrance Requirements

  • attain NCEA Level 3
  • achieve 14 credits at level three in each of three subjects from the list of approved subjects. The list of approved subjects will consist of subjects derived from the New Zealand Curriculum with achievement standards at Level 3
  • achieve UE numeracy - 10 credits at Level 1 and above from specific achievement standards, or three specific numeracy unit standards
  • achieve UE literacy - 10 credits (five in reading and five in writing) at Level 2 and above from specific standards.
    • achievement
    • or outstanding achievement.

o   All subjects chosen from an approved list of subjects.

o   Many universities now have higher entry standards for some courses.  Go to individual University websites or see BSH or your Dean/Mentor for more details.

Select SIX from the list below.
Select FIVE subjects if they are ALL full University Entrance (UE) subjects

EnglishEnglish (UE) (S)L3ENG
English - PracticalL3ENP
Media Studies (UE) (S)

MathematicsMathematics with Calculus (UE) (S)L3MTC
Mathematics - Internal (UE) L3MTI
Mathematics with Statistics (UE) (S)

The Arts & LanguageDrama (UE) (S)L3DRA
Graphic Design (Illustration, Animation, Branding & Marketing) (UE) (S)L3DES
Painting (Painting & Printmaking)  (UE) (S)L3PNT
Photography (UE) (S)L3PHG
Music  (UE) (S)L3MUS
Te Reo MaoriL3MAO
Maori Performing Arts   

HumanitiesAccounting (UE) (S)L3ACC
Business Studies (UE)L3BUS
Classics   (UE) (S)L3CLA
History (UE) (S)L3HIS
Geography  (UE) (S) 

Creative Industries (Technology)ComputingL3COM
Computer Science  (UE)L3CSD
Multi-Media Design (UE)L3MMD
Hospitality    L3HOS
Industrial Design (UE)L3IND
Trades Carpentry (Year A & B)   L2TRA
Mechanical Engineering (Year A & B)L2MEN
Spatial & Product Design   (UE) (S)L3SPD
Textiles Design   (UE)

Physical EducationPhysical Education PerformanceL23PEP
Sports Science (UE) (S)

ScienceScience  (UE)L3SCI
Biology   (UE) (S)L3BIO
Chemistry (UE) (S)L3CHE
Physics (UE) (S)

Gateway   Gateway
Correspondence  CORR