Senior Curriculum 2023

ALL students in years 11, 12 and 13 will be assessed by either Achievement Standards or Unit Standards, or a mixture of both. Both types give credit towards NCEA, but Achievement Standards and some Unit Standards may be awarded with an Achieved, a Merit, or an Excellence grade. Unit Standards are always “internally” assessed at school, while some Achievement Standards are assessed “externally”, usually by an end of year exam.

Details of achievement levels required for NCEA are listed on the "NCEA Requirements" tab.

As well as the traditional subjects, courses for students of all abilities are catered for, with a course that will give them valuable skills, and in which they should be able to achieve. We have provided this booklet to help you and your son or daughter to decide which subjects to study next year.

Automatic Entry Students who do not achieve automatic entry in a course - as outlined in the subjects Entry Requirements may be included in the course at the discretion of the HOF/HOD/TIC.
They will need to apply to the HOF/HOD/TIC on course confirmation day at the start of the year.

This may involve the student:

  • Being Accepted Unconditionally
  • Gaining Provisional Entry Students who are granted provisional entry will
    • be required to select another possible option
    • be required to meet certain criteria by a set date in term one 2020
    • If these criteria are not met the student will be required to move into their other selected option
  • Not gaining entry and having to choose another course

Your subject teachers are happy to give you advice on what to
choose for 2023. When in doubt - ASK!!

For year 13 students (2023)

Entry to University If going to University is your goal:

  • you will need attain NCEA Level 3
  • Achieve 14 credits at level three in each of three subjects from approved UE subjects. (eligible subjects are marked with a “UE”).
  • Achieve UE numeracy - 10 credits at Level 1 and above from specific achievement standards, or three specific numeracy unitstandards
  • Achieve UE literacy - 10 credits (five in reading and five in writing) at Level 2 and above from specific standards

Note: Some universities now require higher entry standards


For the top students, there will be scholarship exams available in most of the Level 3 subjects.
Scholarship subjects are marked with a “S”

Consistent and high levels of attendance are a key component of success with NCEA. Whilst the college encourages participation in extra-curricular programs, it reserves the right to withdraw students from these activities in the event of issues of attendance or work completion.