L1 Industrial Design (Wood Bias)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr L. Wilkinson


The students will be working in the Technological area of Hard Materials and will use technological practice and process to research, plan, solve and produce solutions to design problems in Materials Technology.

Key aspects and skills being covered in this course are:

•Brief Development, Planning
•Design Development, Freehand sketching
•Prototype Design and Safety
•Construction, Tech practice
•Design & Evaluation
•Research and Related theories
•Materials technology

One project will be done during the year course:

The students will undertake a course of work using Technological Process and Knowledge to address a brief. Within this context they will design and build a system with a light designed element.

Students cannot do this course and L1IED as well

Learning Areas:

Creative Industries (Technology)


L2 Industrial Design Engineering, L2 Trades Carpentry (Year A & B)