L1 Sports Performance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Welch

All Level1 courses from this subject have the exact same achievement standards!  All courses have a mixture of practical (approx 75%) & theory (approx 25%)! This course is for students who love sport in general and enjoy being physically active.  In this course students will participate in a variety of sports and may have the opportunity to enhance performance in their chosen sport.  Students should be team players!  All students are expected to participate in the school athletics, triathlon, mud run & winter sports.  

There may be an optional extension activity / trip that will cost.

Course Overview

Term 1
The full year will involve a mixture of practical and theory!

Term 2
As above.

Term 3
As above.

Term 4
As above. Completion of theory focus!

Recommended Prior Learning

Full participation in Year 10 practical and theory.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Possible Class camp / trip for students to demonstrate interpersonal skills. May be at a local beach or river!?


Successfully completing this course allows students to choose any course offered in this subject for the following year.


The Standards offered are correct at time of writing

Course content may change by the start of the year

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