Insurance Loss Adjuster Kaiwhakatika Makeretanga Rīanga

Insurance loss adjusters investigate and calculate insurance claims.

Insurance loss adjusters may do some or all of the following:

  • inspect damage to property, vehicles or equipment 
  • determine the cause of damage
  • assess what the insurance policy covers
  • estimate the cost of repair or replacement
  • negotiate with the claimant on what to do
  • authorise payments for claims
  • organise and supervise repairs
  • negotiate between claimants and insurance companies
  • write claim reports.

Physical Requirements

Insurance loss adjusters need to be reasonably fit and healthy as they may have to be physically active when inspecting property damage.

Useful Experience

Useful experience for insurance loss adjusters includes:

  • work in another insurance area such as claims
  • trade experience or work in the construction industry.

Personal Qualities

Insurance loss adjusters need to be:

  • able to make good judgements
  • accurate with an eye for detail
  • inquisitive and analytical with good problem-solving skills
  • good communicators
  • well organised.


Insurance loss adjusters need to have knowledge of:

  • their area of insurance specialisation
  • insurance policies, including what each policy covers
  • trade or the construction industry
  • health and safety requirements
  • relevant laws such as the Insurance Law Reform Acts.


Insurance loss adjusters:

  • usually work regular business hours
  • work in offices, but may travel to inspect claims and meet clients.

Subject Recommendations

There are no specific secondary education requirements to become an insurance loss adjuster. However, English, maths and business studies are useful.

Insurance Loss Adjusters can earn around $56K-$88K per year.

Pay for insurance loss adjusters varies depending on skills and experience.

  • Insurance loss adjusters usually earn between $56,000 and $88,000 a year.
  • Senior loss adjusters can earn between $80,000 and $120,000.
  • Specialist loss adjusters can earn between $82,000 and $143,000.

Source: Hays, 'FY 20/21 Salary Guide', 2020.

Insurance loss adjusters may specialise in:

  • aviation and marine insurance
  • commercial and residential property
  • natural disasters
  • engineering
  • rural and forestry
  • liability
  • food manufacturing
  • film and media.

Years Of Training

0-3 years of training usually required.

There are no specific requirements to become an insurance loss adjuster. However, qualifications in construction, business or science may be useful.

Most insurance loss adjusters complete further training to become chartered loss adjusters. To become a chartered loss adjuster you must:

Insurance Loss Adjuster