Marketing Specialist Ngaio Whakatairanga

Marketing specialists develop and implement plans for promoting an organisation's goods, services and ideas.

Marketing specialists may do some or all of the following:

  • promote and develop an organisation's brand, goods and services
  • create marketing plans, policies and campaigns
  • advise on product pricing, advertising and selling and distribution channels, such as retailers
  • produce marketing content such as advertisements and blog posts
  • run social media channels
  • organise events
  • collect and analyse information such as sales data
  • arrange market research for products and services
  • build relationships with clients.

Useful Experience

Useful experience for marketing specialists includes working in:

  • public relations
  • market research
  • sales
  • call centres or other customer service organisations
  • newspaper, advertising or media agencies.

Personal Qualities

Marketing specialists need to be:

  • creative
  • good at communicating
  • skilled at organising and planning
  • team players
  • able to work well under pressure.


Marketing specialists need to have knowledge of:

  • products or services they sell, and the market for those
  • how to promote products and services
  • copywriting and design
  • digital marketing
  • budgeting and finance, to help with costing the products and services.


Marketing specialists:

  • usually work regular office hours, but may work weekends and evenings to meet deadlines
  • usually work in an office environment
  • may travel to visit clients and potential customers. 

Marketing Specialists can earn around $47K-$80K per year.

Pay for marketing roles varies depending on skills, qualifications and experience.

  • Marketing assistants usually earn between minimum wage and $60,000 a year.
  • Marketing co-ordinators and executives usually earn between $65,000 and $80,000.
  • Marketing specialists can earn between $80,000 and $130,000.

Source: Salt Recruitment Agency, 2022.

Marketing specialists may move into managerial roles or positions in related fields such as communications, public relations, advertising or sales.

Years Of Training

3 years of training usually required.

To become a marketing specialist you usually need to have a Bachelor's degree in marketing, business economics, commerce, or a related field.

Marketing Specialist