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L3 Trades Carpentry (L3TRA)

Course Description


Students who have completed L2TRA may wish to continue with L3TRA. In many cases L3TRA students are also completing EIT or Gateway work placements which impacts on the credits and time available to complete work in this course. As such L3TRA is offered as an individualised program based on the needs and situation of the student. 

Take Home Project Expenses 

In most situations, students will plan, cost and complete one major project over the year. Due to the individualised nature and variances in costs of projects, students will need to either supply their own materials or cost out and submit their cutting lists to the teacher. 

To help manage expenses there is a $150 limit on materials supplied via the school. The final cost of materials used to create their project will be added to the student’s account by the school bursar. 

*Once projects are assessed students must pay for and take projects home within two weeks. The teacher will advise students when projects are ready to take home. 


The Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills (BCATS) Level 3 unit standards may be offered to students who are not completing these standards elsewhere, such as EIT.

Health and Safety and Behaviour Expectations 

Students undertaking Level 3 Trades Carpentry need to understand and respect that in the school workshop there are restrictions on what equipment and machinery that they are allowed to use, even if they are able to use certain machinery offsite such as in work placements or EIT courses.

Additionally, the school workshops are hazardous environments. The safety of our staff and students is a priority. As such a high standard of student behaviour is always expected. Students are required to follow all teacher instructions and all health and safety procedures. Students are not permitted to use any equipment or machinery without training and the permission of the classroom teacher. 


The skills learnt in this course can be used in a range of industries, particularly the building and construction sectors, but also provide valuable life skills.

Learning Areas:

Creative Industries (Technology)


The Standards offered are correct at time of writing

Course content may change by the start of the year