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L1 Computer Science (L1CSD)

Course Description

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Recommended Prior Learning

It would be advantages for learners to have completed the Year 10 Computer Science course. The principles taught using python, HTML and CSS will be developed further to meet NCEA level 1 expectations.

In a day and age where digital technology is fundamental to all industries, it is vital that our students move from being users of technology to creators of technology in order for them to excel in their chosen career. Due to lack of human resource in the Software Engineering field, this career has not only got exciting financial benefits but it has job security as well. 


In Computer Science this year you will be working towards gaining Level 1 credits for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). 

The work you do throughout the year will be assessed by means of: 

  • Internal assessment – assignments and activities completed throughout the year. 
  • External assessment – a report that will be written in controlled conditions in term 4. 
  • There may be an opportunity for an External assessment to be attempted later in the year.

You will be working from tutorials and project-based activities, at your own pace, and when you have finished the exercises and are confident using the tools required you will be able to complete the assessment. 


  • A computer program that can take in and miniplate data to produce specific output. 
  • An interface that can interact with a database to produce meaningful information. 
  • A multimedia outcome that of student’s choice. These could include 3D Modelling, Animation or Web Design 


Health and Safety and Behaviour Expectations: 

The Computer Labs are specialist environments. The safety of our staff and students is a priority. As such a high standard of student behaviour is always expected. Students are required to follow all teacher instructions and all health and safety procedures. Students are not permitted to misuse any equipment or machinery and must adhere to the Cyber Safety / User Agreement that was signed on enrolment at the college. 


The Level 1 CSD programme is assessed against a minimum of three achievement standards. Each has a credit weighting of 5 credits, with a total of 15 credits available in the course. When you gain credit for an achievement standard the credits contribute to your Level 1 requirements. You can also gain different grades for each achievement standard: Achievement, Achievement with Merit or Achievement with Excellence. The grade you achieve is determined by the quality of your work as measured against National standards. 

Students can achieve subject endorsement in this course. 

Home Learning:

There is an expectation that students will work on some of the theory and design parts of their assignments in their own time for homework. If students are away from school, it is their responsibility to catch up on work missed. All milestones and deadlines will be shared with students via a class on the Microsoft Teams platform. If students do not have access to a device at home, they must see the teacher as access to computers can be arranged for use at break times, and before and after school.  

Prerequisites for advancing to Level Two:

There is an expectation that students will have a certain skill and knowledge level to cope with the transition into the next level of study. The step up to Level 2 is considerable. The prerequisites for admission into Level Two Technology is: 

  • 15 credits at Level 1 Technology, 

  • At the discretion of the HOF through negotiation with the student, subject teacher and the Dean 



Knowledge and skills gained in this course can be applied to a range of industries, tertiary studies or simply used as valuable life skills.  

Course Overview

Term 1
Application Development (python, C# and/or Java)

Term 2
Website Development (HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript)

Term 3
Database Administration (SQL)
UX Design (Web focus / Desktop focus)

Learning Areas:

Creative Industries (Technology)


L2 Computer Science (L2CSD)

Career Pathways

Software Developer, Game Developer, User Experience Designer, Data Analyst, Information Technology Architect, Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, Security Consultant, Scrum Master


The Standards offered are correct at time of writing

Course content may change by the start of the year